With Advancement as a major responsibility of the St. Peter/St. Francis School Board, the members of the Board would like to thank all of our parents, faculty, staff, and the community for their continued participation in fundraising activities-advancement events and the Annual Fund. Advancement helps to carry out institutional plans through its goal of obtaining greater acceptance for the organization from its major publics.

Members of the board are deeply committed to the Mission of the School and help to strengthen their communities because they serve by choice. The members of the board understand the need to publicize to the greater school community their role and the
purpose in relation to the advancement of the school.

Meet the members of St. Peter/St. Francis School Board

In order to ensure quality education for the children of St.Peter/St. Francis School, the board
is composed of members who have expertise in assessment, curriculum, marketing, fundraising, community organizing, and members who could provide appropriate professional wisdom.

Father John Granato, Pastor
Father Carlos Zapata, Parochial Vicar
Mrs. Jo-Anne Gauger, Principal

Mrs. Judy Blades, Chairperson


Mrs. Cheryl Considine, Finance Chair

Jaime Michalec, Building and Grounds Chair

Kristen Harmon, Advancement Chair

John DiCostanzo, Recruitment and Retention Chair

Lindsay Raymond, General Board Member

Major aims of the School Board

The overarching goal of the St. Peter/St. Francis School Board is to set institutional goals and to approve plans for reaching these goals. The Board is charged to assess and audit the performance of the organization and its major parts.  In doing so, the board members must evaluate the performance of the organization with the goal of continuous quality improvement. 

The Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) of the Archdiocese of Hartford provides guidance for the governance structure of the school. The School Board is advisory to the pastor and it assists the school in fulfilling its mission as a center of quality Catholic education. The School Board appreciates and respects the administrative functions and educational responsibilities of the principal, which are directed by the mission and the OCS of the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Past and Current Board Activities 

  1. o       Periodic review of the operational validity of the mission statement;
  2. o       Leadership and participation in Advancement events;
    1. o       Raffle
    2. o       Golf Tournament
    3. o       Penny Auction
    4. o       Silent Auction
    5. o       Wine-Tasting
  3. o       Development, systematic evaluation, and adoption of schools goals and policies;
    1. o       Development of policy for management of students with food allergies;
    2. o       Development of school wellness plan;
  4. o       Leadership in Annual Fund campaign;
  5. o       Seeking grants in the areas of curriculum and advancement;
  6. o       Development of strategic plan and assist with preparation for national accreditation;
  7. o       Proactive reporting on current and future financial health of the school- preparation of the school’s operating budget to be sent for approval to the Office of Catholic schools;
  8. o       Active recruitment and retention plan for both campuses;
  9. o       Development of an orientation manual for new board members
  10. o       Review and update of the current alumnae database;
  11. o       Continued community outreach.