My Dear Friends,

When we speak about education, we, for the most part, focus on the intellectual, physical,
and emotional well being of the student. But there is a fourth component of one’s education; the spiritual. Here at St. Peter/St. Francis School, we have the ability to integrate the spiritual well being of our students to give them a well rounded educational experience. A Catholic education is, therefore, an education that is most beneficial to our students. We offer the students a variety of ways to not only learn their Catholic faith but also to live and pray their Catholic faith, especially with the celebration of the Holy Mass in which the students attend
on a weekly basis. At a time when people are leaving the practice of their faith, we at St. Peter/St. Francis School encourage our students and their parents to get involved in the sacramental life of our church. You will never regret giving your child a Catholic education
and the means to our salvation, weekly attendance at Mass. I understand that with an economy that remains stagnant and financial responsibilities that hinder a family from sending their child to a Catholic school, we need to take seriously our role in developing your child’s faith that you have entrusted to us. We offer no apologies for our Catholic faith, and we welcome those of other faiths to attend our school. May God bless you.


Fr. John Granato