Students should not arrive in the schoolyard before 7:25AM. The first bell will ring at 7:45AM. The second bell will ring at 7:50AM. The school day begins at 7:55AM. Students who arrive at school after 7:55AM are considered late and must report to the OFFICE for a late pass in order to enter their class.

Punctuality is important for the students’ readiness for learning and the general operation of the classroom. Tardiness should be the exception, not a regular occurrence.

Regular dismissal will be at 2:10 PM. On scheduled early dismissal days, classes will be dismissed at 12:00 NOON. Any change to an individual child’s regular dismissal procedure MUST be received in
writing and signed by the parent or legal guardian. If written notification is not received, regular dismissal plans will be followed. A telephone call is not sufficient except in the case of emergency.

Students are not permitted to return to the school building or premises after 2:45PM unless accompanied by a teacher/coach.

A faculty member is on duty at 7:25AM on the playground. You may drop your child off at the school between 7:25 and 7:50AM. Please do not enter any parking lot entrance. Children may be dropped
off on the Main Street sidewalk or the Prospect Street sidewalk and walk to the playground.

All parents picking up their children must do so in the Main Street playground. Please enter the parking lot NO EARLIER than 1:55PM using the entrance to the parking lot off Main Street, not the driveway.

Cars should line up in four rows (parallel to the building). The bell at 2:05PM will dismiss the bus students. Once the busses have all departed, the walkers will be dismissed out the back door on the Main Street side of the building. The two rows of cars closest to the school building will exit the driveway to Prospect Street; the two rows closest to Main Street will exit the driveway to Main Street.

Please note, no students will be allowed to exit the building on Prospect Street.