Positive Energy

To All the Families and Friends of St Peter/ St Francis School:

St Peter/ St Francis School have the opportunity to raise thousands of dollars for the 2009/2010 school year and continue to have that number grow year after year.  This is a fundraiser like you’ve never seen before.  The effort is minimal, and the product is an easy sale with huge rewards for our school.

The person or business being sold the product (deregulated electricity) will not be spending money to support the fundraiser.  Rather, they will authorize for a product they already have, that will put money in their pockets (saving 5%-20% off the Generation Srvc Chrg on their electric bill).

A few years ago, Connecticut joined dozens of other states in the deregulation of electricity.  CLP and UI were forced to sell off their generation plants.  The states goal was to eliminate the “monopolies” of CLP and UI and give residents and businesses choices, thus, creating competition and lower rates.

Although UI and CLP no longer generate electricity, they still own and maintain the poles and power lines that deliver the electricity.  This allows you to choose Positive Energy while CLP or UI remain the delivery companies.

When choosing Positive Energy, nothing changes.  It is the same electricity you are receiving now.  You will continue to receive one bill from CLP or UI and the power is reliable as ever.  The only change you will notice is a lower rate and a lower monthly bill.  For any billing or outage related issues, you will still continue to call CLP.

Positive Energy is one of the most economical electricity providers in Connecticut for one simple reason; with no contract policy, we work hard to earn business month to month!  We have consistently saved our customers 20% monthly on the standard generation portion of their CLP or UI electric bill.  How are we able to offer such a lower rate?  We are able to offer lower rates than CL&P and UI because we run a leaner operation and do not require the same profit margins as companies such as CL&P and UI. This is really the simplest answer we can offer.

Teachers, parents and students have options on how to endorse the switch for themselves as well as for their additional donors.  With a CLP or UI bill in hand;

1.) You may go online to the dedicated website www.getpositiveenergy.com/spsf for approval.  Or direct people to the website so they can authorize the switch for themselves.
2.) You may submit your electric bill (page 1 and 2) or copies of your electric bill to the school in an envelope marked Positive Energy.  Be sure to include a phone number and/or email address so that we can confirm with you.
3.) Fax page 1 and 2 of your bill to Beth Goulet @ 860-201-1018 or email to balucia@optonline.net.   Be sure to include your phone number and email address.

I will make myself available for those of you who can arrange for me to meet with your employers to make the switch.  It could save your employers thousands of dollars per year.  For those businesses who have already switched from CLP or UI they can now save additionally with Positive Energy and when they do they will help make a donation to our school, without it costing them anything.   For all business customers please contact me, directly.
Many of you have access to hundreds of people through your work who will be happy to save money.  With the cost of most everything going up, often time employers will ask me to present to their employees so that they too can save money on their electric bills.   Your fellow workers will be happy to support your children and your school.  For it will actually save them money!

I look forward to hearing from you.  In time, this can mean thousands of dollars for our school.  In addition, together we will help save families and business’s hundreds of dollars year after year.

Warm Regards,

Beth Goulet

Positive Energy Electrical Supply Company, LLC.
765 Straits Turnpike Suite 2003
Middlebury, CT 06762
Cell    860-881-7392
Fax    860-201-1018
email: bgoulet@getpositiveenergy.com

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