Advancement is the major function of the St. Peter/St. Francis School Board.  Advancement works in four main areas of involvement:

1) Generating funds through

a) the Annual Fund, which solicits revenue for the school.  It includes an annual direct
mailing to our benefactors and also personal solicitation.

b) Memorial Contributions and Bequests provide people the opportunity to give to the
school in memory of a loved one (or themselves).

2) Public Relations makes the public aware of our school and its benefits.  We strive to continue a positive relationship with our constituents.  An Advancement newsletter is published once a year in July.

3) Student Recruitment publicizes all our school has to offer.  We attempt to enroll students into our school from our Parishes and the surrounding area towns.

4) Alumni Relations continually tries to locate the schools’ alumni and add them to the Alumni Database.  We keep them aware of what’s going on at St. Peter/St. Francis School and appreciate their support for the school through volunteering and annual giving.

Advancement activities are intended to reach our to our parishes and community to help continue the tradition of quality Catholic education in Torrington.

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