St. Peter St. Francis School admits students without regard to race or national origin. 
St. Peter St. Francis is a Catholic Diocesan Parish School, therefore, priority in the selection of students is given to:

1) returning students, 
2) siblings of current students, 
3) parishioners of St. Peter and St. Francis Parishes
4) parishioners of other Catholic Parishes without schools and 
5) Non-Catholic students.

Annual Registration Fee is collected from all new and returning families at the time of registration and re-registration, as the case may be. This fee is non-refundable.

Students in PreK 4 through Grade 8 may transfer into St. Peter St. Francis School at any time during the school year. Acceptance is based on a review of school records, (both academic and behavioral), interview with student and parents or legal guardians, classroom visit and conference with grade level teacher, space availability and a willingness on the part of student and parent or legal guardian to assume the responsibilities outlined in the Student Handbook. The final decision is rendered by the Principal and Pastor.